Dear Colleagues and industry representatives,

Sustainable Consumption and Production Association (SUT-D) was founded in 2013 by academicians well-known in their field, business world representatives and experts from public institutions.

Intense scrutiny made before the foundation, despite sustainability issues started to gain importance in recent years in our country, the necessity of knowing the Sustainable Production and Consumption phenomenon and raising an awareness against the lack of information and experience why it is important has become a goal. For this reason, in order to create awareness the need of promoting activities in this direction is the conclusion we have come up with. SUT-D has emerged to meet with this need.

As it is all known, while defining the science of economics it is indicated that “..Human needs are unlimited but to meet the needs sources are limited…” and how to meet the unlimited human needs with limited sources is the subject of science of economics. “Sustainable Production and Consumption” is on step further than this concept and with taking into account the present and future generations, aims to ensure less waste emissions “While providing use of the goods and services produced in order to meet basic needs and provide a better quality of life, giving incentives to use of high yield production technologies and methods, reasonable use of sources and energy for the same amount of production”

20th century is a century where world population is increasing most rapidly, relative prosperity is increasing and resource consumption is most intense in world history. If current production and consumption patterns continue, 21st century will be a century in where humanity will live in very serious trouble and will face disaster because of rapid depletion of resources. Therefore, it is vital to address consumption and production relations in a sustainable perspective. At this point, “Sustainable Production” is concerned with the supply side of the matter and focuses on from the initial setup and production process up to the supply chain and stage of customer delivery with an environmentally-friendly, efficient manner while using less resources in production especially in industry, agriculture, energy, tourism and transport since they are the main economic sectors. “Sustainable Consumption” which is on the demand side of the work, deals with how to cope with the effects on earth’s carrying capacity at the least cost while trying to improve quality of life and meet basic needs necessary for goods and services consumption.

In our country which can be counted as a developing country, with the rapid economic growth in recent years, achieving a sustainable way in production and consumption is becoming more and more important. By its nature, Sustainable Production and Consumption is a multi-disciplinary study subject as it covers environmental issues, energy, climate, waste, security of supply, urban and rural development, finance and other social issues and political area. Therefore, our association’s aim is not only focusing on environmental concerns but also addressing many different areas like conservation of natural resources, industrial productivity, economic development and quality of life in its activities and studies in order to promote sustainable consumption and production concept in our country. SUT-D, gives a strong emphasis on having a close cooperation with universities, business, local authorities, government and other relevant NGO’s in all activities undertaken for this purpose.

Our association, which aims to be active in both national and international areas, will grow with the synergy and contribution of Board of Directors, working groups and our new members and I believe it will become one of our country’s successful civil society organizations.