About Us

Sustainable Consumption and Production Association (SUT-D), was established in 2013 by the public, business and academic representatives aiming to create knowledge and capacity in “Sustainable Production and Consumption” phenomenon, increasing national and international events and create widespread impact with raising awareness in relation with the subject. SUT-D gives importance to be in close cooperation with formal power, local authorities, universities, civil society organizations and the media and dealing with all the social and technical aspects for “Sustainability” concept in its all activities. Thus, for human well-being and comfort in the present and future the power of civil society will be presented.


Aiming to meet present and future generations’ needs in a sustainable way, increasing the efficiency in production and consumption processes of public goods and services, preventing natural source waste and engaging in activities that provide protection of local and global environment in an awareness raising, educational manner with all kinds of information flow.


Being a leading institution that makes a difference with the academicians specialized in their fields, business and government representatives and civil society organizations within its body with innovative and targeted approaches and practices in the field of sustainable production and consumption.